Sunday, 26 February 2012

#10 Things I Love About You

My version of 10 Things I Love About You

To my Yayang, this is what i love about you..actually there's lots more but this is only for 10 yea..or else i can't call it 10 things..i need to call it INFINITY!!

  1. Your Smile
  2. Your dimple
  3. Your funny jokes
  4. Your sense of fashion when i don't agree sometimes
  5.  Your passion in photography
  6. Your cute face
  7. Your caringness <--this word doesn't exist, its exist because of you haha
  8.  Your perfume smell ...its good ya noe!
  9. Your beautiful voice..its calm me and it sounds good too
  10. It is YOU!! as a whole :D

Bersawang tak?

Salam all...hihi dah lama tak post entry kan..sube tengok tu bulan February ada satu entry jek
Sorry la, Rinko bukannye malas cuma sangat busy lately..seriously..sangat busy
Especially dengan kerja-kerja opis yg melambak + persiapan wedding Rinko ni haaa

So, for those B2B, make sure kita jangan stress sbb nanti tak chantek! *tangandibahumatakeatas* hihiks